Thursday, August 14, 2008

Running out for lunch provisions and ciggies this morning, I realized too late I had forgotten to wear a bra. Why are people so fascinated with nipples? I don't claim to be an exception, Jennifer Aniston and her ubiquitous assets ensured that I was a fan for life. They seem almost overrated, although not nearly so much as eyelashes.

Everyone stared, even the old Turkish broad in the grocers. Seems to be affect the whole spectrum of the population.

Anyway, I heard from crush company and they found someone more fabulous than me, so she must be really, really good and I'm glad they have her. It seems I have somehow racked up an entire workweek each week for the next month(ish) doing freelance/supplementary writing online. A blessing, true, although that means for the most part all I'll have to update about on here is nipples and the bipolar kitteh's personality for the day (twitchy, with an edge of drool).

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