Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comfort Food

Because a friend of mine was robbed last night, and all other national events are rife with apprehension, and I have felt homesick, here is some comfort food, beginning with a picture of where I grew up. I've never seen its equal.

Nice things:

The first time I brought Christy home with me, she hopped out of the car, took her pants off, and ran in circles in the middle of this field giggling like crazy. No one was surprised, I was glowing with pride.

When I got back from Europe, Max came down armed with paintball supplies and kicked my ass for hours. Mom and Bob put on the gear afterwards and Bob shot her in the head a few times. She was unphased.

Seriously, someone needs to post a picture of the leaves changing in Asheville. Please?

More nice things:

See story yesterday about meatball and baklava.

Once when I was in one of my tore up depression moods, Mary Anne decided she'd had about enough. She came out of her room wearing pannies, a tiny t-shirt, her hair balled up on top of her head like Pebbles, and my Spongebob Squarepants slippers. "You know," she said, hopping from foot to foot, "sometimes you just have to make your own fun."

My cat drools when she's happy. She is especially happy when someone's getting brutally murdered on television.

My coffee cup's from Texas.

Maybe I shouldn't make lists til I've had more than one of these.


Max Cooper said...

That was a good day. Glad to see your hair is long.

Shartyrant said...

These leaves are SLOWLY turning. We are having a late fall so everything is mostly still green. Looks more like Early August than October at the moment. When they really start getting colorful, I will try to send you some pics.

*sigh* I am so ready for fall. Today was the first day we actually had to turn on the heat in the house. It hit 36. I had ice on my windshield. I was so happy that I had ice on my windshield. Lovely pics. Enjoying your posts. Keep them up.