Friday, September 26, 2008


I have decided perhaps it would be delightful to show you some pictures.

My every day happiness:

From the Vau de Vire show a couple weekends ago:
The lovely Dwoira warming up for contortion. The sleazy guy standing behind her is me.
This picture courtesy of Neil Girling's The Blight, where you can find 117 more images from the show.

The ineffable beloved Kristina in pin up form and me as a man:

Classic pin-up Maria and some douchy greasemonkey:

The sign that caused a throng of one dozen to flock to our club gig in Denver:

The carpeted stage (yes that's right) from Cervantes. Notice the presence of just such a hoop as I have aforementioned hanging through a hole cut in the ceiling (classy):

Three of my Nekyia ladies after three shows, no sleep, and still hot:

That's all for now. I haven't asked anyone's permission to put up their likeness, so if you are one of them and despise me for it, send me a note and I'll think about taking it down. Maybe.

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Bethany said...

I LOVE the picture of Dwoira warming up. She looks like a cat, but more graceful.