Sunday, October 19, 2008


Why has no one responded to my plea for Asheville pics? I know at least three of you's live there, and I know at least one of you's is camera happy! Gimme some dead leaves!

Friday I went out. I went to the jazz bistro I like and ordered a French wine in honor of John, even though it ended up sucking. Should have gotten specifics. Ended up having dinner with an older French gentleman which did not suck. I was not expecting to be bought dinner when I left my house. It was a perfect moment between strangers.

We went to a piano bar afterwards which is where, I'm convinced, Billy Joel got the inspiration for Piano Man. The pianist screamed out "where are ya'll from?" and I got so shy I hid behind the French dude. What the fuck? Being called out in class is still one of my least favorite memories of life. But we saw a tiny, ancient woman bust a move and four Spanish guys chat up the 50-something cougars to Viva Espana.

Saturday I went looking for the Violin God on Embarcadero. No luck yet. Then off to the Castro to help my wonderful uncle prepare a badass resume. Followed promptly by coming home and fucking off to DVD's for six hours.

Maybe if I make more time to be by myself, I wouldn't feel the need to do it all at once one day a week. Still, it was fun. Just realized I should probably clear up the fact that "fucking off" is not synonymous with masturbation. Even I can't take six hours of hitachi.

Today I helped the lovely Kristina paint her living room purple. I like painting! Especially when the color gets on the walls after all that preparation, and you realize it's going to be the kind of room you always like walking into. And it really is.

I try to make our house that way, but it doesn't always work. We both (Luna and me) have the most beautiful of intentions, but this place has hardly seen a week's worth of always liking to walk into it. Don't get me wrong I'm always happy to be home, it's just a lot harder to get it the way I want it than I thought it would be. And of course I want it my way, because my way has a proven track record of being good. Yes, I'm being obnoxious on purpose.

So much more to tell but as usual I'm tired and still have miles to go before...
you get the idea.


Max Cooper said...

Working on the pics.

Andrew Cheatham said...

...went to a wedding in NC a couple of weeks ago...things were looking sweet high up in the mountains.

Check out some pictures.