Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just until

the footage is edited and uploaded for your standing judgement, here are some teaser pics from the show that was my favorite so far in my newest version of life. Scorpios, you have been given your due homage.

The rest can be found here thanks to Bethany's boyfriend, who I did not meet but who must be lovely to have come and taken so many pictures.

On second thought I can't call you Bethany, Bethany, because the Bethany name slot is already taken up in me thanks to Tuesday, who incidentally I rarely call Bethany. You will now be, for the purposes of blogdom, Panty Beth, for reasons myself and Panty Beth alone know. It is meant with the highest amount of affection. If you would prefer another nickname just let me know. If you would prefer I don't have conversations with you over a public medium that's ok too...just let me know.

Without further ado:

Thighs R Us.

I love this moment. "OMG! No way!"

Broke my arm off for this show.

Pam, the female video eye, who did a great job but looks as though she's getting a closeup of my ass here.


marius said...


Well done!

Panty Beth said...

Panty Beth! It has a certain ring...

I will be happy to introduce you and Dan the next time you're within fifty feet of each other. And I'll let you know when he posts the rest of the pics!

With regard to having a conversation in a public medium... Dancing with the Nekyia isn't the only time I exhibit an exhibitionist streak... ;)

Bethany said...

I really, really want to see video.