Monday, November 17, 2008


Do you know who this is?

As a literary metaphor, do you know who this is?

If you were a quixotic, book-obsessed child*, can you or can you not eff the ineffable place this character had in your hierarchy of good vs. evil? *Shar...this one's for you!

I can't, obviously, that's why I'm using a picture and a blog post to eff it for me. The movie, while an exquisite childhood memory, is not what I'm talking about, but you can't post a picture of a 400 page book. If you've read it, I hope you will understand me. If not, this post is already cryptic and will not improve.

Do you remember what she consolidated?
What she fought against, and the only thing she was vulnerable to? It was the shovel. More specifically, it was the force behind the musculature that moved it...and more than that, it was the force that allowed this to happen at all. The silencing.

On this note, I think that learning to talk is a lifelong endeavor for me. I used to be jealous of people who could do it well, until I realized they couldn't. They just used more words than me.

Does this seem scattered and inhomogeneous? Probably because I'm going through DT's. That's right. And when you give up a drug, you can use any metaphor you want to get through the first two weeks. That's not an apology.


Marius said...

never ending story.

Honey said...

I'm guessing you quit smoking, because the idea of you giving up coffee just leaves me feeling confused....

Johnny Attero said...

You're addicted to it again? And don't try telling me its still "just a back massager."
Uh huh. Sure it is.

Seriously though, good for you. But already know what I think it it. Actually, you probably know what I think about everything. Thank God I'm so damn entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Agh, blogger is on my crap list for not posting my comment that I left before. OR is the computer at fault as the video card went to crap and made like I was viewing your blog through a haze of drugs (which sounds cooler than it is as it just hurts the eyes).

I so resemble that remark of book obsessed. How can I deny while looking at my bookshelf that is about ready to dump it's treasures all over my floor?

Can I help being in love with words even though I suck using them? That is why I am always pressing you for more. I love your words. You must use them more (obviously). You have your addiction and I have mine. We meet in the middle at sundown. ;)

Have you found your Child like Empress in your soul? Have you freed her from the nothing? Or has reality silenced it? A question we all have to face.

I assume you have surived the DTs as there is more posts after this. Either that or someone took your place that looks like you and sounds like you. Spooky.