Thursday, August 20, 2009

Onward. Ho.

So a couple days ago when the King of All Scorpios was in town, we trolloped off to see someone else's circus for a change. My lovely and talented friend Leah Christiana ran off with Ringling Brothers about a year ago. Heard of em? Yeah, me too. Leah is the girl your eye goes to on stage and doesn't move. She is fascinating to watch.

And because the circus just wouldn't be the circus without a big ass beer and a gorgeous man:

Rehearsals are long, exhaustive, and wonderful. On my days off I find I would prefer to be working. So I work on my website which is a tortuously slow and at times maddening process. The best thing about building your own website when you don't know what you're doing is at least knowing that, when it's finished, you won't have to rely on anyone else to update that shit. That could have easily been the death of me. Patience is not to be found on my resume.

The show is coming together like all acts of love and work, splendidly and at the last moment. Our costume magicians, namely Juniper the Genius of Steam Trunk and Pamela and Medina are working their fingers to bloody nubs to finish these fantastic costumes. I'd put up a picture but it's top secret classified information. Meaning, I'm pretty sure I'd be murdered in my sleep if I put them up. But I can put this up!

That's tonight's flash party, not the whole show but definitely some appetizers and teasers. So now I'm going to go plead with my skin to behave under a pile of makeup.

So ready to be on the road.


Bethany said...

Ok, couple of things:

1. LOVE the picture of you and Mr. Scorpio

2. This circus stuff is WAY cool. Where are you touring? Is it anywhere near Texas? Even a little bit?

3. I miss you. Things here move slowly. There are still over 100 days until Evan is home. Sometimes I feel like a small child stamping my feet at the calendar.

Shaun said...

A small request from the masses:
We realize that you are incredibly busy right now but any post you can manage would be appreciated. Also, pictures from the road would be good as well. No pressure or anything though. Seriously, we know you are busy.

Also, Bethany, I hear you are making out to one of the shows soon. I are the jealous, and, good on ya.

Anonymous said...

i admire you. this is what you wanted, and every moment of your life is dedicated to that want, or maybe need. anyway, i admire it and i envy it. i admire it because i know it is difficult. i envy it because i wish, no wishing is no good, because i want to be there doing it, what i want what i need. there are so many excuses sometimes in disguise of obstacles, sometimes the goal becomes a blur it becomes difficult to push yourself. something as simple as getting up off the couch, the bed, and just getting a start. its strange when your brain tells you what to do, what you want with a burning itch so bad it actually physically hurts and yet your body just doesn't respond. its like a voice screaming inside you sometimes so loud you think people around you might hear it and still you do not respond. i wonder why that is, how is it that you can want something so badly that every cell in your being is fighting screaming at you and you can still ignore it, push it aside. im afraid one day the voice will start to blur out as well, drown. then what? i dont know if any of this made any sense. but i think you might know what i am speaking of. something tells me so. anyway, i dont know how this got so long, just wanted to say i admire you.
-nearly a friend