Thursday, December 17, 2009


To my great surprise, the holidays are delighting me this year. Lady A and I purchased a tree corpse that looks just lovely in front of our (stellar) view. And even though it sounds in theory like a bad idea, the tree corpse's proximity to the forced air heater only heats up the branches enough so that our whole apartment smells of beautiful tree corpse.

I am altering the path of 2+ years of push ups without stretching my pecs so that eventually I can open my arms again, like the ballerina photograph that the lovely and lovable Maria LaMance gifted to me on the NYC leg of the VdV tour.
I'm also working on a small collection of hangs that, once perfected, will miraculously cease to give me headaches in the middle of the night or cause any further agony. We are not yet at this point, but it is very exciting.

The prospect of a 10 second neck hang gives me so much excitement and satisfaction there must be something lacking in my genetic makeup. Or maybe it's something wrong with everyone else who does not dream about hanging from the neck.

Saw a hummingbird. Mind you, it's December in the Pacific Northwest. Must be Ashley saying hello...come by any time.

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