Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah, you again.

Hello, restlessness. It's been a while. I was beginning to think I'd never see you again, but that was only my immense need to be still for one bloody moment. Now, ticking away like clockwork, 6 months have passed and I find leaning towards Irish pubs, as though they were a portkey to the real thing, Guinness in the afternoon, the world open and waiting patiently as I gnawed feverishly on my restraints. Those restraints are long gone now, the new ones are industry that I hand picked with care and devotion.

The need to hop on a boxcar is also long gone. That's not what this is about. I wasn't designed to do the same thing every day or even every week- something I built my life knowing but this is all starting to look very familiar. Some perspective would be good, to sit in the proverbial bathtub and hold up each facet one at a time, stare hard at it and decide once again if it should stay or go.

Or at least to go home to North Carolina and quell the homesickness that pops up every time I see oak leaves. One week should do the trick.

1 comment:

Shaun said...

Ten days is not a week.
Just saying.
Also, have fun while hurrying back.