Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gaelic it up. You know you want to.

Devotees will notice that to the right of this here bunch of words is a new widget, found after a series of synchronous internet searches, that will bequeath to you a new word in Irish every day. This is in honor of the swinging hoop act I am debuting tonight in its first form, a love song to Ireland itself, at the Circus of Dreams matinee. I may even supplement our mutually growing vocabulary with a word of my own now and then, learned on travels and dug out of the dusty burrows of my Irish travel notebook #1. Most if not all of these supplied by myself will have been copied into said notebook in pubs by locals I managed to convince to let me drink with them.

For example one such event, I was with a table of three Irish students who had just received a degree of some sort, this was in Galway circa 2004. Mikey, a young guy from Wexford whom later on ended up walking me the 1.5 miles to my sometime lodgings (awr) and Louise a young lady with excellent humor, and Scone, who got his name after once drunkenly asking to be brought back a treat from the store, then flying into a rage when the treat turned out to be a scone.
This particular phrase is from Scone:

Tá gach duine ar meisce. (taw gahk dinna ahr MESH-kah)

This, fittingly enough for the time, means "everyone is drunk." At least, it probably does.

I'll have something sweeter for you tomorrow.

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