Friday, October 1, 2010

Harvests and Aerial Photogs.

As the third harvest approaches (that's Halloween for all you non-pre-Celtic-Paganism-types), I find I am still finding little treasures from the busy month of August. For example I just received the images from a stock photo shoot I had with Thomas Barwick, alongside the magnificent Tanya Brno:


I love this one cause I can't actually remember or locate where the fabric is holding me up:

Blank background aerial shots are incredibly hard to get. Thomas, Brooke, and especially Tanya, you rock so hard. Thank you!


Marius said...

holy shit. Is that really your real hair? (lower pic)

Mellesnark said...

That is one hell of a harvest. Those are hands down the best images I have ever seen of you, probably in the context of performing arts, but maybe without that qualifier. Still.

Madame Rex said...

Thank you Snarkl! Look here, two of my favorite M's in one place.

And indeed it is my real hair, grown freakishly fast over four years thanks to good vitamins.