Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh the places you'll go...

and where are all of YOU right now? Do tell...the truth of my right now is that it's the evening after the final thaw of snowmageddon in Seattle 2012, in which most of us were stranded in our homes due to insane snowdrifts encasing vehicles, freaked out drivers (including myself), and snow that wouldn't. Stop. Falling.

Of course the snow does eventually stop. This is the nature of a cyclical world. But that doesn't make any difference whatsoever when you're waiting for the snow to always seems like it might just stay freezing and white forever.

Here's what I did with one of my snow days, given company by the most excellent Gary Kirkland and the beautiful Tanya Brno, photography by Shaun Vann, to whom I gave a camera for Christmas and so created a happy monster indeed:

Otherwise, the days are peppered with neverending quests...for one-arm meathooks, perfect levers, and the illusive full pretzel.

You will be mine. Oh yes! You will be mine.

Plus, a not-so-secret project which I am to unveil very shortly, to the oohs and aahs of at least 7 people I hope...stay tuned. Stay warm. Stay fed, and hungry, at once.


Lisa Acton said...

Snowmageddon? But I thought we were calling it the snowpocolypse! :)

Honey said...

I am mightily jealous of your snow. I got spoiled these past few years, with deep two-foot snows. Now? Flurries and dustings *pouts*

Lucky snow-haver.

Go monster go!

Where I am? in a chair, with science notes and labs and piles of paper with endless equations and conversions on them. So, surrounded by math, and a collection of plates and cups that my dearest husband supplies me with so I don't perish of hunger in fatigue in my math fort.

Much love. And, project? Tell the secret!