Friday, May 10, 2013

What happens next

I have a habit of manifesting really good shit, then sitting in awe of it, afraid to move lest I frighten it away or the gods realize I am not worthy.  That is what the view from our new place is like.  It is at once terrifying and captivating, the Bay on the East, the city, the Bay bridge, the lights of Oakland.  The ocean on the right, cut by cypress trees and the dense opaque fog.  In the middle, spread out forever, humanity lit up like it's on fire.  So, so, so many lights, cars, trains, houses, fields.  It is very hard to tear your eyes off that expanse.

Well, except for right now.  Right now the fog is in and the world is blank and white.  Not the misty fog either that happens in Seattle.  San Francisco fog is as substantial as someone hanging bedsheets outside...there's no seeing through it.  So the world is empty and it's strangely peaceful, except for the hummingbirds fighting over the feeder. They make hilarious squeaking sounds.

Just in time for me to be off again.  See you after June, tiny lights and many people, because it is once more time for....The Irish Aerial Dance Festival 2013 WHOOHOO!!

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