Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blame Canada

has been written on my kitchen calendar courtesy of the King of the Scorpios for months.  It denotes that on this day, right now, I am picking up my visiting Aussies and we are going to Canada to perform our beloved show, Elements.

It is 3:12am.  We will leave in half an hour.  I am awake early, because if you think I'm going to leave my house at any hour without my cup of coffee, we have not met very much.

The show has transformed over the past 10 days and grown into itself; nearly every act is totally remade, and the transitions polished tight.  Since we are participating in two buskerfests, the hatlines have appeared and been rehearsed, much to my chagrin, but much to the benefit of the hatlines.

During rehearsals we do quite a bit of this:

And an absolutely huge amount of this:

And that's how you make a show about nature and go to Canada at 3:21am.  

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