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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The End of the World! Or the beginning...

And by the way you should have read that title in the voice of this spring chicken:

If you did, award yourself one point.  Anyway...

There is something happening in Oakland.
Today is our last official rehearsal for Salvage at Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland.  Let me tell you about what this has been like.  First, in comparison to my usual projects, which are always inspired, grassroots endeavors with very little resources.  This by contrast has been an inspired, grassroots endeavor with two years of blood sweat and tears built in from the beginning.  The community was rallied, auditions were held, sets were painted.  I can feel the time and the work that has gone into this project every time I walk in the door and am confronted by the rest of the cast, which are just the most ridiculous collection of talented and kind people.  I'm looking forward to opening the previews tomorrow, but I'm honestly going to miss rehearsing with them every day.

And I had to drive to Oakland by 9am every day to do that from Daly City, so let that be a testament to their quality.

To you, dear readers, of whom I expect there are possibly 12, I give unto you a gift.  If you want to see what all this is in preparation for, go to this link and use the word "bathtub" for 50% off the ticket price:

OR if you want to come this weekend, to our OPENING WEEKEND happening OMG right now almost dear lord, use the promo code "industryinsider" (cause you are) and snag yourself one of a very few $10 seat.  TEN friggen dollars.

Shows are every Saturday and Sunday through December 20th.  That's a lot of  opportunities to see what the end of the world looks like.

And look here, have you noticed what is happening in San Francisco lately?  Just in the past few months, there has been Raised by Wolves and Hinge at the Great Star Theater,  RHB now has two shows a week.  Tourettes without Regrets still going strong.

And now Kinetic Arts Productions, brand-spanking-new, is opening a full-length show and trust me when I say they have no intention of stopping at one.

It means, America, that art is surviving in San Francisco.  Come see what that feels like, and stay after so I can hug you!  Mic drop.

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