Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vegas, LA pics, ad nauseum. I just like saying ad nauseum.

Moment of note:

"You know, you kind of look like Paddington Bear in that hat."


"Damn, I forgot I was talking to a woman. I mean, you look gorgeous thin and sexy, and your ass looks great."

Obviously, since this is the first thing I have to say, Cirque did not offer me a contract at this time. I did survive the first cut, which if they made a medal for I would proudly be wearing, but I didn't get a call back. I am now in their system, under their radar. Cirque, feel free to call anytime. Just to chat, even. Really.

It's raining now, but the sun is out. Strange American city.

Speaking of which, Vegas. What the fuck. It is so fucked up. It is just SO. FUCKED. UP. It is a self-licking ice cream cone, a self-stroking cock, a fat man that eats himself and grows fatter. It is wonderful, no doubt, just so fucked up. All the glitter in the globe goes to Vegas to die, stuck to the facade of glittering depravity hiding the sludgy filth of rotting souls only two feet behind the buildings. Kristina aptly and affectionately notes that the entirety of this hideous, gorgeous machine runs on crushed dreams. People lose everything here. That's why it can stay so obese. I came away with it with a similar sense of affection. It is so fucked up. But so honest in its blatant deception. So upfront in its intentions.

I didn't take any pictures, because I left my camera at home. About 48 hours before my departure I became absolutely tunnel-visioned- the only thing in existence was the audition. It was the only way to keep from freaking out. Now, back in my little bird's hermitage in Castro, I find it has been nearly impossible to relax. I've had to force it, to convince my psyche that yes, now it can rest, now it can untie the knots it's built up to live the past few weeks in rapid succession. Finally yesterday I felt the tension give, when Luna came over and picked out a ring tone on my computer, while I stared out the window in utter contentment to be doing nothing but staring out the window. Exhale.

Healing thoughts to my wonderful uncle Bradley, who is recovering from foot surgery. That's where I was at the beginning of this week.

Club gig tonight with Vau de Vire. I know it's not technically resting but it is goodness.

Oh right, happy Valentines Day. I keep forgetting. That means I suck, but I still keep forgetting. I want to do something epic for my love, the King of All Scorpios, something other than...well nevermind I'm not saying on here. What do you wish you were doing for Valentines Day? What would you most dearly love to recieve?

Shaun, in all of his glory, has unmade my world by the following. Tuesday I am flying up to Seattle and the next day, he is taking me to a cabin at Mount Rainier for a couple of days, where if any living creature dares approach us they will find themselves removed from a body part. Mine, mine, all to myself. If anyone had asked me the questions above two months ago, this is exactly the answer I would have given. How the fuck does he do that?

Anyway. So you all won't be hearing from me unless he sleeps late, which he will, so maybe you will be hearing from me. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

And now for something completely different. Bethany has asked that I post not only the horrible pictures of myself as a retarded adolescent boy but also of my other roles, as she was under the impression that all I got to play were revolting characters. The revolting characters are the most fun, no doubt, but there is more. Thanks to Josh at, I have pictures to show you of Edwardian Ball in LA. I also met this guy, btw, and even though I was dressed like this:

He was totally willing to have a conversation with me. Props. That's super cross-trained Kelsey, playing one of two mean twin sisters, on the left, and Maria Ballerina as mommy dearest on the right. And, because it just wouldn't be Gorey without some dead ballerinas:

pic one, that's Shananigan Gaines, Vau de Vire's choreographer and heartbeat on the right with the ribbon.

Kelsey, T, Maria, me, and lil Becca under the vanity.

Maria Ballerina on L.

T, Maria, ad nauseum.


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! Cirque does not know what they're missing. And props to you for auditioning!

I miss you and the other Nekyia ladies, now that I don't see you regularly I must get myself out to Vau de Vire events to get my fill of beautiful people and fantastic dance.

Enjoy your time in the Pacific Northwest. I was born and raised up there and it's beautiful country. I wish you two blessed solitude.
-panty beth

Madame Rex said...

Awwww, I miss you too Panty Beth. Next time there's a VdV gig I'll guest list yo ass.

Anonymous said...

"Vegas is like a self-stroking cock"'d better figure out a way to patent that line super-fast before I take it and stick it in a short story featuring a character based upon this mystifying and brilliant lady I call R Strick and Special Sauce.

Joe Telegen