Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Period here in full force, thanks everyone for your kind concern. I'm a lucky bitch to have so many people give a damn whether or not I explode from menstrual poisoning.
Actually I felt like kind of a dumbass for wondering why it took so long after seeing the moon last night. Full moon=bloody females. Ask around.

So enough about that lovely subject. Here is the situation:

My act is due May 1st. It is coming along very well. My deadline for having hardware and fabric is April 1st. This is a problem, especially since my computer has been out of order and I haven't been able to work extra for extra funding. So, in the event that anyone reading this is willing and able to assist, here is my situation:

2 steel carabiners: $70.00
1 swivel: $80.00
1 steel rescue 8: $73.00
fabric: $200
Aerialist starterkit: $423.00

Yikes indeed. You may be wondering why I moved from hoop to tissu (fabric) and the answer to that is that to perform on hoop I will first need to immunize myself from the puking that spinning inspires. I still plan on it, but wanted to start out with a non-puking apparatus.

All contributions will be repaid in full at the interest rate specified by the financer, not to exceed 20% per 6months cause I wouldn't be able to fulfill my end of that rate. If anyone involved wishes to not be repaid, please specify what I can do for you in exchange. Write your website content, perform as a bird at your grandfather's birthday party, never ever dress up like Raoul again, you name it.

Any contributions as well as all love and hate mail can be sent to:

Rachel Strickland
PO Box 170694
San Francisco, CA 94117

If I didn't ask, I'd never know.

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