Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is just to say,

that my friends are fucking amazing.  I put up yesterday's post as a "oh what the hell" and by the end of the day I have my equipment.  I am preparing a couple of posts in celebration of my two financiers because I still find myself too much in awe to be very eloquent.  

So, thank you.  Thank you to Bethany and Daniel for investing in a neurotic carnie.  Thank you to everyone who thought about it and wished they could help, thank you to everyone who reads this and wished me luck.  Luck, I has it...but it's not really luck, it's just really good people.  Being such a ray of fucking sunshine (dripping with sarcasm here) it is curious to me to have such kind people in my life.  

I'm thinking about getting some silver stars tattooed on my ass.  So at least when people ask me how I do something I'll just show them my lucky stars.  And I'll name one Daniel and the other Bethany.  

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Well, if you need anymore help, just let me know, this Bethany is also happy to help support her artistic friends. :)