Saturday, October 10, 2009

LaLa Land=Los Angeles. Not a state of perpetual ignorance.

Just to clear up the meaning of my facebook status.

Things I love:

Hotel rooms, which are sexy and fun.
Dark eyelash glue
Eric and Charla coming to the show last night
Coffee, eternally
Making money on my own terms

Things I hate:

The bouncer with the beard that looks like poo from Boulevard 3
Automatic toilets
The effects of day 12, post-wax

I will now take this time to expound upon the glory of New York in pictures.

Imported novelty of delight:

Ladies in Times Square:

Miguel likes his job.
This thing I hold, it is the statue of liberty. I promise.
Self explanatory:
Shredder in her element:
Becca. Eat it!
Underground. Maria and Lee.

In three days I'll be home, after a two month absence. Relief and despair. Time to go.

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