Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whole New World

Let me tell you about this place I find myself in. Life is, once again, ineffably altered since my last post. With the completion of the beloved Moscova Affair tour with Vau de Vire, my circus family flew back to the fog and I flew up here to the rain.

Seattle. Finally, a place that understands my need for 10% sunshine, 90% rain, gloom, and grey. That 10% really knows how to work it, making all the gray and fire-colored trees show to their best advantage. This place will suck the breath right out of your lungs.

So, I am happy. I'd have to say that I'm pretty stupid butt crazy happy. Sure- I'm still inexplicably furious/irritated at the blow of a random breeze and I'm not technically making money at the moment, and I still don't have a pony or know how to make fondu, but yeah...I'm pretty fucking happy. It is an odd sensation, but not at all an unpleasant one, to look around your reality and realize that so many of the things that make it up are things you have ached to have, and are yours.

The first time it happened to me it was terrifying. I had just moved to San Francisco, and was living in an absolutely beautiful room with an expansive view of downtown. I had the job I wanted and the relationship I wanted, and I was going to learn how to do aerial, dammit. I used to sit in that beautiful room and almost shake because it seemed too good to be true...surely there was no way I deserved such elegant fulfillment.

I suffer under no such delusion at this time in my life. I am good and ready for my elegant fulfillment, and welcome it comfortably as a natural course; no fear. And that is very tasty. I feast on it daily, this life I have waited for and built. Good friends I have missed for years, and Shaun like a torch, beating across the water-
That means he lives across the Puget Sound from me and Seattle. Pervs.

That fills my gush quota for the day. In case you need to hear something snarky to be sure it is still me writing, I will tell you that I hate the busses here and they are stupid. Time to buy a car. All Mini Coopers, BMWs and Hondas that wish to be sold for $2,000.oo please apply via comments.


Honey said...

Yesterday, I saw a huge oak with a spring at it's base. I'll show it to you next time you're in these parts.

Anonymous said...

I am superbly happy for you, my dear.

I will be in the area for Christmas and am thrilled to report that I plan to wedding dress shop as my boy proposed to me a month ago in Venice.

I'm not sure I could return to the gloom full time like you have chosen to, but Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest are a fantastic place to be and I wish you the best.

Lips said...

Veldig glad at du endelig er blitt fornøyd i livet. Du har fortjent det og jobbet hardt. Jeg satser på å komme etter, med tiden, men det går tregt.*

Glad and proud to hear that youre happy .
Youve worked for it and you deserve it.
Meet me in the sun.