Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Pink Door

First, has anyone seen my website? I hastily made it live during rehearsal week #3 of the tour, when a chick from Dancer Magazine interviewed me and I thought I had better not give her a bunk URL. Creating this website probably made me feel more moronic than anything else I've undertaken in years. Of course now that it's finished and on line (it's alive!!) I get to feel smug again. Kind of.

I've been making, trimming, costuming, and rehearsing a lyra act for The Pink Door, a fabulously delicious Italian place where I get to dangle from the ceiling over the heads of the populace having dinner. Yay! What I have not been broadcasting, but will tell you, is that this is the first time I've performed aerial hoop.** It doesn't feel that way, because I'm prepared, but every now and then I pullover into the hoop and think, "huh. I really haven't ever done this before."

**edited for clarity

When did I get a lyra, you ask? Well one might also want to know what happened to all the cash money they paid me for my presence on tour, and while I sincerely wish I could respond to that buy throwing you a dollar, most dollars have gone right back into the system by being invested in new equipment. I found that gigs were lining up for me...on apparatus I did not own because in San Francisco I found I did not need to own it to train on it.** Now I own it. I own a beautiful steel 38" lyra taped in black (thank you SpitFire Forge), and a 12' polished stainless steel pole. Both spinning and static. Who the fuck needs money for food when you can have THAT?!

**edited for clarity. sigh.

That's a joke by the way. I would never, ever go without food.

My own definition of wealth, it is polishing itself.

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