Saturday, January 23, 2010

Southern Love, Crawfish, and EMERGENCY REHEARSALS

Beloved readers, I don't have cable but I'm sure as hell going to the nearest chic French wine bar on Saturday, January 30th, to cheer on the beautiful Katherine Southard as she competes for the glittery honor of being Miss America, 2010.

Let me tell you, if anyone deserves to be honored as a symbol of virtue, beauty, and goodwill, it's Katherine. In all the time I spent near her, she never had a spiteful word for anyone, and a ballet studio is ripe for gossip, trust me on that.

I perused her photo gallery this evening and was particularly taken by this image of her and her papa. I can personally attest, this man was present at every Nutcracker, every recital, standing proudly with his gorgeous and absolutely wonderful wife, Linda, who pinned many broken zippers and quieted many anxious tears during performances throughout my youth. And I also want to send a shout out to Sarah, Katherine's sister. We gave each other a lot of hell during each performance and it was always in the spirit of Sarah's perfect humor; life is way better with her in it! Being reminded of so loving a family that I've had the pleasure of knowing, I get a little bit homesick.

But I DID get to fly to Louisiana for a quick second to spend a weekend of awesome with my bayou family at the ball for Krewe Medea...

Yes that's my papa, happy and spazzy in a tux! By the end of the night we were both bogged down by plastic beaded necklaces of course, some of which had fortunes on them such as "Diva," "Who Dat?," and "Girls Gone Wild." I freaking love Louisiana. Nobody does it right quite like they do.

And I really mean it.

Not that you're used to hearing from me all that often and all that coherently, but a great deal of EMERGENCY REHEARSALS are taking place within the next month. Much exhausted delight, bad puns, and frivolous storytelling are sure to ensue, followed by something poignant.


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