Sunday, March 7, 2010


And it's all about me. Generally, this blog and my life revolves around and is designed to benefit- me and those I feel benevolent and loving towards. I could elaborate but I'm weary of repeating myself.

There's one color of life, another is Shaun's absence, still on patrol. The Shaun-shaped hole in my life festers impatiently on the edges.

Another color is life with John and Abby, my colorful, Mediterranean Nordic roommates that notice when I am miserable and join me when I'm happy. It's good to love.

Another color is the cold creeping buzz of a spine after contortion, in my much-longed-for goal for a more flexible back.

The predominant color is one of being busy a LOT. Some hoopy photos for your amusement:

Photos by Ric Colgan of Byte Studio Photography.

Time for more coffee, cause you can sleep when you're dead!

Also: Dear North Carolina, I miss you and your people. If it wouldn't mean disastrous geologic consequences, I'd want you to move closer to Seattle.

And, because I (probably) love you:

"I have come here to say that I do not recognize anyone's right to one minute of my life.... It had to be said. The world is perishing from an orgy of self-sacrificing."

~Ayn Rand; The Fountainhead


Honey said...

I love you, I hate Ayn Rand, and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous- the middle one especially.

Madame Rex said...

Thank you dear Snark.

Someday, if you want to test your hatred you should read Atlas.

Honey said...

I probably will. Once I can hear the name without recoiling and baring my teeth :) Ok, it isn't that bad. I did actually read the Fountainhead all the way through before passing judgment, too, so at least there's that.

And, I DO like the idea that you have begun to not feel that others do not own your time. You suffered greatly from that concept just by entering the confines of city during visits. Less suffering for you = good by me.

Bradlee said...

North Carolina misses you too girl.
Tell me you found the RAND by yourself and the unmetionable one hasn't twisted you um...innocent sweet mind to the paths of darkness. Im refusing to read any of the books just to Fuck with him. Which as you know is my favorite past time.
Miss You