Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story of a Month

I will take a hint from my fire-and-ice Northern friend Lucien and attempt the barest bones of recitals:

Moisture Festival. John selling wine on the hill. Abby and vocal fold videos. The cavity of air intake. Training oversplits. Training hangs. Teaching conditioning to 1-2 students at a time. Learning to sing. Angels (the show) dot com. A lot of Angels. Discovering the stars in my throat. Letting that keep me from smoking. Shaun coming home. Shaun coming home. Seeing Babs at work. Holding a grudge against the time difference that inhibits my overdue phone calls. David choosing a fine fate. The earth coughing up spring. Luke and pasta and earthy red beauty.
Shaun being home. The sating of the void. The draping curve of new muscle. The safety of it.
Forgetting how to write. Forgetting a lot. Making life out of nothing. Refusal and demanding. Knowing.

Now that that is there, I can update in peace.

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Lips said...

Veldig ålreit, Rachel