Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why, hello again, Felix.

Since moving to this sodden, misty, magical city, I've concentrated my aerial efforts in hoop. The holy grail of a bendy back (don't take it for granted, naturally bendy sisters!) shall be mine, having worked up to warming it up every day may seem a small victory but it is one I cherish.

So now what? I have a gig coming up in late July which desires tissu. So I'm hauling out my springy, violet-hued silks (Felix, after the Goddess of the pole Felix Cane) and kindly asking my arms to remember how to climb. How to climb, repeatedly, for 8 consecutive minutes. I always did love a good challenge, and I think this one's going in the display case.

Faced with such a demand, it's easy for me to get obsessive, train hard every day, emotionally severe, destroy many muscle fibers and then heal up just in time for the performance. Fun, huh? This time, I'm trying a new approach. Setting realistic, approachable goals every day and keeping my face-licker internal destruct button set to "OFF."

Today: break in pointe shoes (Russian Pointe brand are the hardest shoes I've ever owned)
remain on tissu 6 consecutive minutes.
run through hoop piece for performance tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's show is a private event held by Groupon at Emerald City Trapeze, featuring the innovative, enchanting music of Surrealized and the aerial stylings of...just about everyone I know in Seattle.

that is all.

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Honey said...

Discovering the off switches is a victory indeed.

Sounds like a fantastic plan :)

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So, you not be crabie, I not be crabie, m'kay?