Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Muahahahaha!! After visiting with my daddy-o, including much talk of proteins and body efficiency, I have decided to conduct an experiment on...myself.

Today is July 7th. On July 22nd I must have an 8 minute long aerial fabric solo completed and ready for performance. This means that I will be working a lot this month. I want to take extra, very, amazing care of myself to withstand these here rigors and give my body everything it needs to continuously heal.

The plan:

That's whey protein (much faster absorption than even eggs, which are probably the most perfect protein that there is...except they take forever to get your energy to you)-
MSM, used by the body in tons of functional ways-
Esterified Creatine to repair tissue-
Nitric Oxide for vascularity-
Oh, and some chlorophyll. Cause I'm really a begonia. Or because I'm eating a bunch of weird vitamins and who knows if it could make me smell weird.
I also take prenatal vitamins. Cause their really good vitamins, not because I'm knocked up.
to be clear, no bun in my oven.
And fish oils, because my brain slips through its own holes on a bad day.

For the past couple days it's been a protein shake before and immediately after training. The creatine is important to take immediately after intense training for optimum effectiveness, apparently. So the 1.5 hour I usually spend getting from training, changing, and bussing it home is possibly when my tired muscle fibers are gasping for sustenance.

Most notably, I'm on my third day and energy is high, high, high. Even when I felt nauseous from drinking so much chocolatey protein I was still overflowing with energy.

Had a cramp in my calf during an inversion which is odd...I almost never cramp up and I suppose with all this extra stuff I assumed no ill effects from training would be felt. O naivete.

Stay tuned for more fascinating updates on my experimental self exploits.


Bendy said...

Mmmmm... intriguing. Keep me updated as I need to get my sorry ass up over my head for long periods of time and some extra muscle is very much needed.

Snarkl said...

Creatine has been said to cause muscle cramps, actually.

I think it's one of those constantly studied things where it generally comes out safe, but has been said to cause kidney and liver damage, cause issues with allergy, hydration, and all sorts of things.

If you feel fantastic (at the new, proper dose), I'm glad it works for you though. Just, you know, careful with those internal organs and all. Body-builders are not the most trusted sources of nutritional information, considering that their goal isn't health so much as muscle strength.

Madame Rex said...

Never fear my dear, I am being conscious and know that overdoing it over long periods of time does cause problems. I've got Doc Strickland on my side too.

I agree that bodybuilders are probably the worst source for healthy exercise everything. Have you ever seen a competition? Most of them don't even seem that strong, just showy.

Unless I just decide I want some boa-constrictor-on-a-sidewalk veins! Hot!

Snarkl said...

Indeed, knowing that Doc Strickland is on your side is indeed a good thing.

Creme de la Cramp was proof enough for me of his knowledge of all things muscular. That and the poking technique :)

Boa constrictor on a sidewalk....dear lord....the giggles, they just won't stop.