Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adventures in Nitric Oxide

Today I will be experimenting with NO2 supplements, which I've been taking on and off throughout this experiment but today and through the weekend I'll be taking at least two doses a day, expecting to see results on Monday.

And since I'm flying to SF at an ungodly early hour tomorrow morning, doing an improv show with the ineffable beloved herself, and returning home Monday at midnight to rehearse and then perform at the Pink Door...let's just say I'm really hoping for results. One week from today I'll be gearing up for my first performance, this gorgeous shining grail that has birthed this great experiment. It doesn't feel ladylike to give out details since I'm on private contract through another group, so sit tight and I'll send you photographic evidence after the fact.

Since lowering the dose to the appropriate amount, have experienced no cramps or icky nausea. Still enjoying relatively high energy and a clear head. That is not an invitation to the peanut gallery.

That is all.

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