Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As Adie so beautifully put it, November deserves a comment from me. Many things have and have not gotten them, so I want to give where I can now. A list of things that came in November:
~ I came home after the last leg of the wonderful Queensryche Cabaret, blowing kisses to new family.
~ Shaun, coming home for the last time ever from being out to sea on a submarine. What the sirens have relinquished I don't plan on giving back.
~ A magical temp job providing supplementary income which keeps me working 16 hour days, 8 in an office, the rest in a studio. This will allow me to go home and see mammy for Christmas.
~ November the 18th.
~ Reinvigorating my double mask act for Seattle Gold, planning to hang it up afterwards after a successful 2.5 year run of performing it.
~ Brother Josh and Laura coming for the weekend (hence Brother tells me the last thing I should do is hang the piece up. So, I'm not.)
~ Snow in Seattle.
~ 8 pounds.
~ A double macaroni Thanksgiving (perhaps hence the 8 pounds).

And coming up terribly soon in beautiful December, a new spanking new spectacle I'm creating for Bellefleur Lingerie:
...a store I love to enter at any time. Full of delights and decadence, I am thrilled to be performing at their soiree on December 11th. Purr!

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