Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The other day I was forced to stand and introduce myself. If you know me you know I haaaaaaate doing that. And we had to answer a cute question along with the introduction, which was how do you survive the Seattle winter? Then everyone looks at me like I'm a sociopathic vampire because my answer is that I like these long, dark, wet winters.

And then I found $5.00.

In other news Mistress Neck Hang finally succumbed to my dastardly wooing, so you better believe I'm going to report it in full:

And to answer an often-asked question, no, my musculoskeletal system isn't in danger. And yes, it hurts a little, but like a static electricity shock from a sweater after what it was like to learn it. Those damn Mistresses, so irresistible. Photo by Bruce Magnotti co-director of the Seattle Gold shows and my friend- thanks bra!


Anonymous said...


Tim Connor said...

Awesome, contests. I guess moving somewhere that makes training circus a little more work isn't all bad. ;)

Tim Connor said...

Errr congrats, not contests, stupid autocorrect.

Honey said...

Victory is yours!

Congratulations to you and your neck.