Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that People Tell/Ask Me at the Pink Door

and the long-winded responses I will not (usually) inflict on them:

#1) "You are so strong. I can't even do a pull up." (followed by looking at the floor)

No one has a more critical opinion of their physical prowess than the person striving repeatedly (sometimes psychotically) to improve it past an impossible standard. Are you taking care of yourself and your family? Are you having a good time right now because the dinner is delicious and you did the best you could today? You have won my respect way more than watching you do a sweaty, grunty pull up with poor form.

#2) "I want to come take your class!"

Yes! Yes please come take my class! I love my class! I wish everyone would take my class, then there would be fewer injuries and the world would have better straddle-ups and the use of their shoulders past the age of 45. It is from 6-7:30 on Tuesdays. Katie teaches the sister class on Thursdays at the same time. If you came to both for two months, you would have a brand new body.
And you could do a pull up.

#3) "Do you make your own costumes?"

Response- Absolutely, even though I learn by messing it up repeatedly. Otherwise I'd have to wait for someone else to do it, and hope they got it right, and give them money.

#4) "Do you do your own makeup?"

Response- See #3.

#5) "Have you ever kicked anyone?"

Yes, Greta, and just barely. I think she has forgiven me.

#6) "Have you ever fallen?"


#7) "Will you take a picture with _____?"


#8) "Do you want to taste this wine/meat/roasted garlic before your next set?"


#9) "So did before this, did you dance or do gymnastics or play volleyball?"

I studied dance since I was 3, it made me relatively graceful. Gymnastics would have made me fearless. Yes you should put your child into a discipline like this so they know how to use their meat suits. Volleyball is the devil, because I sucked at that.

#10) "Are you in Cirque du Soleil?"


#11) "What should I order?"

The bolognese. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Marius said...


Honey said...

Yay, an update. *squee*

Ah yes, she who was once afraid of the handstand, now dangling upside down from the ceiling. You've overcome that lack of gymnastics class quite well :)

These questions aren't too terribly strange...the Pink Door must attract a reasonably intelligent audience. But then, I have conversations like
Me: No thank you, I'm a vegetarian
Them: Not even pork rinds? (or bacon or chicken or fatback or gravy, etc)

I like that the Irish word translates as "the love" as in "Yes, I have the love for that right now."

(Remember before facebook when people actually communicated in full sentences? I have the love for the old days)