Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva la Hoop Revolution!!

Everybody's favorite 2nd apparatus (and my favorite 1st) is taking Seattle and the beyond by aerial storm. Why this love for hoops you may ask? Beginners like it because you can actually do some things on it while you are in the process of getting stronger, unlike vertical apparatus. This is useful for building the self-possibility that often gets shattered when training for vertical, but it is a double edged's easy to do something decent on a hoop. It's much harder to make something magnificent and new...much like pastries, porn, and life in general.

I love the hoop because from the first time I touched it I knew it was in me, and that if I loved her best she would love me back. But enough about me...let's talk more about stuff only partially related to me. I'll be teaching a four-week progressive hoop intensive at Emerald City Trapeze Arts starting Sunday, it filled up fast enough to humble me pretty well.

Aaaand Ireland! It is my very great pleasure to announce that I've been accepted to teach and be taught at the Irish Aerial Dance Festival in Letterkenny, Donegal. Thanks to the fabulous Chantal of Fidget Feet, an Irish aerial dance company I have coveted for a few years now, I'll be joining the ranks of some super star teachers (and students) to bask in their brain and body power. And now I'll need to end this post before I fill it with senseless exclamatories.


Honey said...

But..but..I like senseless exclamatories. I shall just insert them in the proper places when I read in my head, then.

Sounds fantastic. Ireland is lucky to have you (and you her [or is that you capitalize pronouns used for cities?]).

Is ?]}. correct? Should it be ?}]. Oh, don't you miss the days of editing my grammar!

By the way, I have discovered (UK) English grammar,and it's very interesting and a bit more precise. Of course, using it would be wrong. But. I can still like it :)

Lizzie said...

EXCUSE ME?? phone date, asap.