Monday, June 13, 2011

Irish Cranes and other details

Greetings from a land that actually has Internet cafes! Letterkenny IRE, Co. Donegal in the north of the country, where the sheep are plentiful and the aerialists of the nation take over the city two weeks out of the year. I've been enjoying myself too much to write so far, and as such my time here is almost gone, only one day of class, one day and a performance, and then on Sunday I'm off to my 2nd favorite city in the world, which is Galway. Please do not ask about my first, as the slot is not at all discerning but mercurial as hell and at the moment undecided.

The way aerialists live is so different from the US- not to be gotten into now but rest assured I'll pick it apart in the future. Extremely honored to be invited to perform for Firkin Crane at the opening sharing of the CASCAS UK/Ireland tour in Cork on June 25. That's one more proper show two days before I fly out of Dublin, with some of Ireland's finest. Pictures forthcoming, but for now the lack of laptop means I am free of it. BUT I do have the poster:

Topleft photo by the great Jesse Lenihan.

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