Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NoLa, CenLa, and Eastside Swank

Oh, 8 hour rehearsal, I have missed you! Currently in rehearsals with ticktock, (the great Elizabeth Rose and Sage Cushman!) prepping a 50-minute show called domestic variations for the New Orleans Fringe Festival. This is the first show like this I have done, bringing with it many new challenges, working with awesome ladies, tiny victories, and one tiny defeat (I never did get that penny drop on the bed, curses!). See the trailer for the last domestic variations featuring the incredible original cast, Jill Marissa and Bridget Gunning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-chx-Hn32Qk&feature=player_embedded

In other news, Emerald City Trapeze Arts is providing aerialists three times a week to Suite, a beautiful new restaurant/lounge in Hyatt country, Bellevue. Come taste the rainbow:

One week to go before leaving for my father's country, the unbiddable and intoxicating Louisiana. Anyone who cannot have a good time in Louisiana is either way uptight or dead. So looking forward to seeing my enormous extended family! When you marry into Louisiana you marry into 40 odd relatives. Instant party!

Before I go, a quick still from FreakNight with the ungovernable soul metal of Super Geek League. I like to call this photo "I have come to eat your family":

Time to go plant bulbs, learn Italian, and give myself a haircut. And that's Tuesday.

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Honey said...

Those arms! Fabulous :)

Please tell me that you are getting to play on that same set. That is phenomenally versatile and looks like a world of fun.

Have fun with the bulbs :)