Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Tale of London

"Bad food, worse weather, Mary *@#$% Poppins...LONDON!" ~Snatch

Miss Tanya and I arrived in London after a relaxing ferry ride and a somewhat irritating train ride.  Only irritating because we were set upon by a young traveler who had the manners of a five year old who has found the best sand box ever and expects that we feel the same way.  He was a perfectly lovely young man he just didn't know when to shut the fuck up.  We escaped him by telling him no, we were not going to have a pint with him when we got to wherever we were going.  We were 30 and we were going to bed.  So far, I love being 30!  I can say things like that.

We crashed in Shaun's proper hotel room, bless him, and T left the next morning for an audition in Antwerp. Shaun was as per usual working mega hours so it was up to me to wander jolly old London by myself. I saw all kinds of crap- my favorite was probably Notting Hill, wherein I was seized with a fit of missing Mary Anne and so had a lengthy conversation with her...without her presence.

I had a nice private with Jo Foley- time to face the fire of scorpion rolls.  Saw the circus space at the Hangar- tre expensive to join (for me anyway) a really great space though.  Have to go through an assessment which was very American of them I thought.  Lovely people.

And hey, I got to seeing Buckingham Palace.  Here is Athena, certainly giving me a hairy eyeball.

Seriously.  No really.  When has this ever been a good idea, ever?

Eff you, Pelicans!

Parliament and Big Ben to the left.  But more importantly, a duck!


Shaun makes his escape.

We found a proper English pub that only sold 2 different kinds of local beer.  If you asked for a Sam Adams you were kindly requested to leave.  We did not ask for a Sam Adams but being a proper English pub, it did close at the granny hour of 11pm so we had to leave anyway.

The best part of London was the hour I stole with Shaun, right before my departure to get to Paris, eating a pastie and running over the bridge, happy to be alive with the careless, child-like joy that accompanies stolen time.

Yes, I did enjoy London.  You could totally pay me to go back.

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