Sunday, August 5, 2012

Suddenly Paris

I do not love Paris in the springtime- it is effing cold!  But in the summer it is quite a different creature.  I have been here before, with the irrepressible Tuesday (aka Bethany Niebauer), for 10-day romp in which we saw many things and drank vin chaud and took baths and fed birds.  It was a beautiful, cold holiday with a much-loved sister, so I was pretty stoked that we got to stay a couple of nights in Paris with this same sister. 

But first, Tanya and I paid homage to the mecca of flying trapeze, and met the presiding member of an old circus family, also known as royalty.

Then we promptly adjourned to the Marais and met Tuesday, where she welcomed us to Paris in the greatest way ever- with a bottle of Rose, plastic cups, and a seat by the Seine while the sun set.  Dude, you can't make this stuff up.  It was the jam and jelly. 

Friendship is...letting your friend and her companion whom you have never met, stay in your one-room apartment for two nights all three sleeping on your tiny futon, which is clearly only designed for one person.  Thanks sis.  :)

I got to spend the next day romping with Bethany, where I captured this photo of the mass of humanity, all gathered at Sacre Coeur to pose for my picture: 

Lo and behold, who else is in Paris at this time?

None other than my esteemed partner in crime and my favorite Norwegian for now and always, Marius.  We immediately found a seat by the Seine and divided the tiny bottle of pink champagne he presented to me as a birthday present. 

Immediately after this photo was taken, the following took place:
Marius- "Have you ever had pink champagne poured on your toes by the Seine?"
Me- "No."
Well what do YOU think happened?

But wait, there's more!  The evening appeared with the presence of this sleep deprived magnificent creature: 

I found my universes colliding- a sister, a long-time friend, a circus cohort, and my beloved.  All in all, I think it's probably the best day anyone has had in Paris, ever. 

It occurs to me that this post is WAY too positive and reads like those entries I hate reading on bragbook, I mean Facebook, so allow me to shed some reality on the time here by telling you about terrible things that happened:

1- My purse got snagged on something Parisian and the strap broke right off.  Oh snap!
2- I stepped in a big dismorphic pool of some red-violet puke/diarrhea on the sidewalk and very nearly fell into it. 
3- I got mad at the rain once my raincoat was saturated with water and became very heavy, then I threw a fit like a little girl.  Shaun saved the day.

It was 100% worth every single moment.

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