Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Once upon a time, the Royal We assigned numerical value to time, which was very useful.  Now we could keep appointments, be early or late, track life into years and months, and comment on how these years and months fly by at an ever quickening pace.

Yet even as we attempt to regulate life, our nature reveals itself.  Eyes light up at 11:11 and clocks are kissed, wishes made.  "Make a wish!  It's 11:11!"  Midnight takes on the shrouded mystery of the in-between, and becomes the witching hour.  And today, 12/12/12, fills up Facebook with reminders that it will never happen again.  I think this is a Good Thing, because although it is always true that today will never happen again, today it's being recognized.

I absolutely love this about human beings.  As modern as modern can be, we still cling to, invent, and revel in our whimsical rituals.  What is it in our nature that compels us to create mystery and superstition?  A need for magic?  Shaun says that magic is unexplained science.  And that is no less wonderful, right?

I definitely need magic.  Not only to find it in the ordinary, but to make it.  Which tidily explains why I've chosen to do what I am doing with my life.

The best thing I ever made was Genesis, and I had A LOT of help.  Genesis helped to spark an idea in the fabulous brain of Dawn Pascoe of Natural Wings in Western Australia.  What if we made a show on the beach, incorporating all the elements?  Genesis could be water...we could use sand, the setting sun, and the ocean behind us?  As soon as the thought was conceived we were all in.  We would call the show Elements, and if possible, we would tour it incorporating the elements of whatever landscape we happened to be in.   The beach in Australia, or the desert, or the moss-thick woods of Seattle, or the bayous of Louisiana (wouldn't THAT be something?)

If you know me at all, you will know that this show will be the most important thing I have worked on because what it is, is magic.  Here are a couple of photographs from a promotional shoot we did while I was in Perth in October:

Me, Dawn P. and Ruthie Battle:

As of yesterday we reached 50% of our fundraising goal (this is for my flight to the other side of ze world).  YIPPEE!!!!  If you were going to buy me a Christmas present, please DON'T- just help me spread this link around to anyone you think might be into supporting this most quixotic of projects, and that will be the best present EVAR!1!

Here is that link again:

I have very little idea of who reads this page these days, but I thank you kindly for the time, and for the space.  May you all live 12/12/12 without letting it slip by, I will swear I will endeavor the same.

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