Saturday, March 16, 2013

From the Ides of March

I send you hellos. The winds are changing and taking me with them. But first, some live shots of Elements from Forrest Place in Perth, from what seems like a million years ago already.  Performers are the great Aussie duo Dawn Pascoe and Ruth Battle of Natural Wings (besides me).

Returning back to the States, I hit the ground running as usual to build new acts for two shows, one is in a very few hours in which Raoul makes another appearance, ever the lecherous papi. Photo to  follow shortly.  

Another is a debut of a three-girl double sling piece for Madame Rex Entertainment, a RAW Artists production.  I've joined forces with a few of my besties and you can find the result here!  To have one person you can work with is special.  To have this many seems deeply unfair, but I will take it.  :)

In still further news- Shaun, the King of Scorpios, has won victory in the white-collar (or rather, t-shirt) fields of Google and is being converted to a full time, real person, employee of one of the coolest and most innovative companies in operation.  

So if you're having a drink, and I hope you are, have to toast to my love and then throw the whole damn thing back, because we are moving to San Francisco.  
California is a strange place.  If you've ever been in a landscape that felt foreign to you, in which you stood and looked around and realized that your people didn't come from there, and your body wasn't built for the climate, and your ancestors might have died here without modern facilities, you will understand how I feel about California.  
It is also a vortex of ideas, and a place where dreams are born and also where they go to die.  It is the American dream distilled to a moonshine too strong to drink straight and where the sun is riotous and elbows you in the face.  

There is much to learn and this is what happens next.  I will miss this place, the rain, the dark, and especially Emerald City Trapeze and all the critters in it.  Especially, especially that.  

And on we go!

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