Thursday, February 14, 2013

News from Oz

G'day from WA!  Yes they really DO say g'day here.  I was quite excited to hear it the first time and my reaction was not what the friendly neighbor was expecting.  The moral of the story is, try not to act like a weirdo.

After two weeks of devising, we have performed Elements twice for packed audiences, and for free!  So if you happen to be in Perth tonight, come down to Forrest Place at 8pm and see us throw sand, water, and make art right in front of you!

It is a beautiful show, and contains homage to all the love and cruelty of nature.  We didn't shy away from the realities of the elements we represented.  For your perusing pleasure, here are some shots from rehearsal by photographer Nik Babic:

More to come of live shots- tonight is the last night we will perform this show...until the next approximation of course.  :)
Thank you much to everyone who helped to make this possible.  Without you I'd be sitting on the sidewalk with a sign "will make performance art for money".  No one would give me any.  So, I really appreciate you!!

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Honey said...

Yes! Thank you ever so much for pictures :)

Much love, from here to there.