Friday, January 31, 2014

Of Supperclub, and other indoor activities

Last night marked the beginning of a two-month residency at Supperclub SF- residencies there being the invention of the creative director Three, to feature and support a local artist by giving them a regular stage and pretty much unleashing them.  Last night and tonight is the tail end of the neon theme, so I woke up covered in fluorescent paint.

Turns out I was using acrylic paint- not cosmetic.  That doesn't wash off so much.  Which is good because I'm doing that same piece tonight, followed by Genesis Saturday and on subsequent weekends.

How can I describe the joy of regular work?  It defies the description of satisfaction.

Anyway the lovely Dawn Pascoe, creative director of Perth's Natural Wings, recently found this image of me from Elements, photographed by Ben Roffelsen, in a routine Google search, and so here it is:

In other news, some of you may have heard about a little book called The Artist's Way, basically a 12-week bootcamp to jump-start your creativity.  Since the dank and fervent lull of off-season has had me pretty blank-eyed, when I discovered this existed I was already on board.  Welcome to week 1.  I am several days in and can tell you, this is not for the faint of heart.  As my Snarkl used to say, this is "take that thing that bothers you and take it into the bathtub and stare at it until you understand its nature and origins" kind of work.

So in we go.

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Honey said...

Ha. I saw an add for The Artist;s Way and though of you. Happy to know you're back in the tub. It seems to serve you well.