Friday, April 4, 2014

Narnia, 30s, and Aspen Aerial

In spite of my profession or perhaps because of being the rockin age of 31, I can no longer eat with all the ardor I have become accustomed without seeing...evidence of it...on my body.

Obviously, I cannot condone eating less or even eating all that carefully, so something else had to give.  So I started running.

I hate running and want it to die, but fortunately the Gods have smiled upon me once more and put San Bruno Mountain right behind my house.  And running on San Bruno Mountain is not running.  It is Narnia.


It is being higher than absolutely anything else within sight except Sutro Tower, it is seeing the Bay on one side and the wide, bright ocean on the other.  The crows live there and they are not afraid of me.  Strange things grow on the mountain, beautiful and exotic weird vegetation that gives off an intoxicating aroma of spice when the sun hits it.  On one side the wind is strong and cold, and you can see the humanity of the city stretched out and it looks luminous and almost safe from such a distance, so I call it the White City.  On the other side the eucalyptus trees have taken over the mountainside and the smell that comes off of them is warm and cool like the smell of mint roots, and makes me miss my Aussie girls something awful.

I don't know how long the trails are because such things aren't interesting to me, but I do know that running in intervals I can scope the entire mountain from field to cliff to forest and suddenly back to suburbia in less than half an hour.  What witchcraft is this?!

Want to know something else?  Up there I told you I was 31.  I couldn't remember how old I was so I actually went to Google and typed in: how old am i?
And there is a webpage dedicated to telling you how old you are for when you turn 30 and apparently your memory begins to disintegrate and be replaced by observations on smells, colors, and crows.

Even though many more weeks have passed, I've taken my work with The Artist's Way very seriously and hence am only on week 8.  I can't explain the process because it is long and complex and you can actually BUY it for less than $20.  That is way cheaper than a career counselor, therapist, and refresher art's degree in one, which it essentially is.  I would recommend it to anyone with a pulse.  No I'm not being paid to endorse it, no one really cares what I have been reading enough to do that, but all the same I know authenticity when I see it.

My residency at Supperclub came to an end last weekend- it has been such a gift to perform Genesis over and over again, and to find a sense of family in that place.

In other news I'm dying to tell you about a new aerial studio opening in SOMA:  Aspen Aerials- specializing in fabric but we all know that fabric is a gateway apparatus to a one-way circus obsession.  Exhibit A:  ME.
I'm thrilled to be part of this studio and will be teaching there through April, and onwards as my usual mad summer festival travels will permit me.  I look forward immensely to helping build this place out as much as I can- so come hang out with me.

See what I did there?

In conclusion, the page I used to remember how old I am, for your twilight years 30s.

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Honey said...

Ssh, it's just all the blood rushing to your head from hanging upside down for so long.

I say this because I'm about to spend my early thirties learning All The Things. And I really want to learn facts, not crows. My head is full enough of those as is.